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Canadian LNG is Indigenous LNG Indigenous values are powering Canada's low-carbon LNG opportunity

Countries and industries around the world are grappling with the energy trilemma of needing to achieve energy security, prevent energy poverty, and ensure a reliable yet decarbonized energy system. They can be assured that Indigenous-supported LNG from Canada offers clear solutions.

Here at home, Canadians can be assured that Indigenous-supported LNG means a strong commitment to the environment – addressing climate change and creating shared prosperity where Indigenous groups, communities, and all Canadians can enjoy the benefits. It’s economic reconciliation at work.

Fundamentally, reconciliation is impossible without a strong economic foundation to advance change. For Indigenous communities, the outcomes of building Canadian LNG are tangible and essential: jobs and Indigenous-owned businesses, own-source revenues to fund clean drinking water, housing and economic opportunities, and more.

Direct Route to Indigenous Benefits

Today, Canadian gas travels nearly 5,000 kilometres to reach facilities on the U.S. Gulf Coast for overseas export.

With LNG Canada and Coastal GasLink, Canadian natural gas will travel 670 kilometres, undergo liquification in Kitimat and then be safely shipped overseas to displace coal use in Asia. This means jobs and opportunities locally, not thousands of kilometres away.