Canadian LNG is Indigenous LNG

LNG provides us with an opportunity where we can own our future and there is a global need for Canadian LNG. And there is no Canadian LNG unless it’s Indigenous LNG. Indigenous people will be at the heart of it.

The First Nations LNG Alliance heartily congratulates the Haisla Nation, Cedar LNG, and Pembina Pipeline Corporation on their June 25, 2024 announcement that the Cedar LNG project will go ahead. Pictured here speaking at the event is Haisla Nation Chief Councillor and Alliance Chair Crystal Smith, with Pembina President and CEO Scott Burrows looking on. For more information on the announcement, click here.

Choosing Canadian LNG is choosing indigenous LNG

"Those who oppose LNG leave Indigenous people out of the equation — activism and obstructionism without consultation that will create more poverty than prosperity for our nations.

When activists call for the end of investments in Canadian LNG, these are the opportunities they are taking away from our communities. But they ignore the benefits for Indigenous people. We won’t sit idly by and allow people to tell us how and with whom to invest our time, energy and resources. We’ve done that for too long, losing economic and community benefits along the way."

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What does Indigenous LNG look like?

  • Indigenous-led, owned, and/or partnered
  • Global-leading environmental standards
  • Sharing the benefits fairly
  • Respecting UNDRIP principles

And we need access to capital, through loan guarantees and other measures that allow us to own our own future.

We have more work to do

  • To bring our communities and people to a level of prosperity that all Canadians enjoy
  • To ensure our lands, waters, and air are protected for the long-term
  • To make a positive contribution to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions
  • To ensure Indigenous views are taken into account when government is making decisions

First Nations are writing the roadmap to clean energy prosperity, a roadmap to owning our future.

Fundamentally, reconciliation is impossible without a strong economic foundation to advance change. For Indigenous communities, the outcomes of building Canadian LNG are tangible and essential: jobs and Indigenous-owned businesses, own-source revenues to fund clean drinking water, housing and economic opportunities, and more.

We will continue to inform Canadians that Canadian LNG is a direct route to jobs and benefits for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike.

And the direct route for low-carbon Canadian LNG to Asia is through Canada, not through the US to the Gulf Coast – but from Treaty 8 to the Coast.

We will play our part as an advocate for responsible energy development.

We are closing the Indigenous Energy Gap.

Canadian LNG is Indigenous LNG, and that is good for the world.

Click here to see more from First Nations LNG Alliance CEO Karen Ogen’s speech to the 2024 Creating Energy – Northern Resource Conference at Fort St. John BC, on 21 May 2024.

Closing the Energy Gap

The First Nations LNG Alliance is focused on owning our opportunities in the natural-resource sector. To do that, we are focussed on four pillars

To bring our communities and people to a level of prosperity that all Canadians enjoy.
To ensure our lands, waters, and air are protected long term.
To contribute positively to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.
To ensure Indigenous views are taken into account in government decisions.
  • "Companies like LNG Canada, and the CGL pipeline which will supply it with gas, came to Haisla and delivered what we have needed for a century - a share and a say."
    Crystal Smith
    Haisla Nation Chief Councillor
  • "We're proud to see our net-zero project take another step forward. Ksi Lisims LNG is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for our people to build prosperity and economic independence."
    Eva Clayton
    Nisga'a Lisims Government
  • "With the education, the training, the profits - I feel that our young generation will really benefit [from Coastal GasLink]. As a small band, I feel that it will help us move forward."
    Chief Ludooks
    Skin Tyee Nation Hereditary
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